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They are Freelancers, Solopreneurs, CEOs, in agencies, in start-ups:

The common point ? They all use Capte

“I would like to take this opportunity to send my hands and hearts to Gabriel and his team who have created a fantastic tool for those like me who do not (yet) have a production team behind them.”

Antoine Taillefer - Solopreneur
Host of the En Roue Libre podcast

“I am a very fan of what you do and your corporate spirit and culture at Capte”

Caroline Mignaux- Freelance
Entrepreneur | Podcaster “Marketing Square” | Speaker |

“After more than a year of use, I am still a fan of this app. It’s simple and incredibly effective!”

Marine Lallement
Managing Director of Fast Sport

What to do with Capte

Automatic translation

In just a few minutes you will be able to benefit from automatic translation of your video into more than ten languages.
Save time and increase your productivity with accurate and fast translations.
To use Capté's translation function, you must first add subtitles in the original language of the video, then select the target language for translation. Then, in just a few seconds, you get your subtitles translated into the language of your choice.
It is recommended to proofread and edit translations to ensure accuracy.

The benefits of good transcription

Save time by avoiding manual transcription.
Improve productivity by making it easy to search and find key passages in the video.
Facilitate comprehension by providing clear and precise text.
Useful for deaf or hard of hearing people so they can understand the video with subtitles.
Possibility for translation into different languages, making it accessible to a wider audience.

capte - how does it work?

Voice Recognition

Speech recognition uses machine learning algorithms to identify spoken words and convert them into text. Speech recognition software can be trained to recognize specific accents and languages, improving transcription accuracy. However, speech recognition accuracy may vary depending on the quality of the audio recording, speech rate, and clarity of pronunciation. After automatic transcription, subtitles can be manually edited and corrected to ensure accuracy and readability.

captures - voice recognition and transcription

Transformation into subtitles

Once the automatic transcription is done, it's time to move on to creating subtitles. Capte allows you to synchronize the transcribed text with the video by adding precise temporal indications for each subtitle. Subtitles can also be formatted to improve readability, including adjusting the text size, font, and color. Subtitles can be translated into different languages to expand your audience.

captures - subtitles with style

Video clips

This feature allows you to segment a video into several separate clips, making it easier to share, distribute and analyze specific moments without having to manipulate the entire original video.

For all content creators

Perfect for you, whoever you are

Content creator

Easily create beautifully subtitled content on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Online coaches & trainers

You will save time on:
- subtitling your acquisition videos on social networks.
- subtitling your training content, your interventions, to help your customers better assimilate your message.

Capte for communication agencies

Provide your clients the subtitles they need.
Don't spend hours on it, generate them in an instant.

Online media

If you are sharing vast amounts of informational video content,

reach a wider audience with subtitles.


Creating content is essential for your visibility.
Subtitle your videos to capture attention and attract more customers.

Training organizations

Make your training courses more accessible with subtitling. Expand internationally with automatic translation.