The all-in-one tool for your agency

Save time and money with an online tool that
Replaces dozens of others

No more endless back and forth with external service providers,
Capte has everything you need in one place

What is Capte?

One place to do it all

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A space to add your videos

After registering gratis, you are now on your dashboard to manage all your video projects and organize yourself.

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2. Personalize your video

It's the best time: your video is now subtitled, you will be able to translate, the stylize, make it unique, in a few clicks thanks to our editor.
No need to be a pro editor anymore!

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3. Broadcast your video

Your original video is ready. You can then make shorts, or even resize for social media and prepare for publication.

Post-production in a flash!

Captez l'attention en personnalisant
vos sous-titres

Vous allez pouvoir personnaliser vos sous-titres comme un vrai studio de graphisme.
Couleur, taille, style, police.
Rajoutez même votre logo et des titres pour chaque vidéo.

Traduisez vos sous-titres

Vous aviez besoin d'une agence pour faire traduire tous vos contenus ?
C'est fini, en quelques secondes traduisez vos contenus avec une précision et une fiabilité professionnelle.

The best moments

Starting from your original video, simply cut the best clips to create formats for all social media platforms.

Add effects, a title and your logo to make each extract unique.

An editor with multiple possibilities

Your best ally

The text editor is your best ally.
Position, Fonts, Effects everything you need to meet your needs.
You'll get the perfect rendering for each social network
and best practices to apply.

Best practices

Hours saved

Say goodbye to outsourcing everything, you become:

Editing agency

Text-based editing with our editor is simplified and accessible to everyone. You can even easily create new clips.

Graphic design studio

Add graphic elements, effects, style your text - everything is possible with Capte, no need for a graphic designer.

Social media manager

Prepare your posts in advance. Manage your content as a team. Schedule your content and use our practical tips to increase your efficiency.

They speak better about it than we do

If you still had any doubt, here are some reviews of our thousands of satisfied users.

“Hyper intuitive tool”

“Yesterday I used Capte for the first time to post a video on my social networks. I found this tool very intuitive, I am quite a novice and I had no problem using it. In addition there are lots of ways to customize the subtitles, I was able to use the colors and the font of my visual identity, for me it's the best of the best!

Margaux Jeannin

“Simple, fast and really accessible”

“The easiest tool. I tried many other services, and Capte seduced me: simple, fast and really accessible.”

Antoine Taillefer

“Great and so easy to use”

Thank you for offering this valuable help in subtitling our videos.
I find your site great and so easy to use. There are enough options to have a nice look: choice of calligraphy, background colors, etc.Congratulations again!