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Automatic subtitles

Everything is automatic

With Capte, automatically subtitle your videos. In just a few seconds, the text is ready to be styled in the editor. Automatically transform your content intoa subtitle file, without any effort or technical knowledge. Voice recognition does all the work for you. You can alsotranslatetext in over ten languages, automatically and instantly

Speech Recognition
Translate the result
SRT file

A quick and easy tool to use

No need to be an expert in video editing or
post-production to use Capte.
Add your Brand Kit, effects and style
to your text. Manipulate timecodes like a pro
with an easy-to-use interface even as a beginner. Classify, sort, organize your videos
in your favorite folders.

Brand kit
Easy interface
Classify your videos
Simplified assembly
captures - our tool helps creators transcribe their video
capte - a super easy to use editor
Better than a text editor

More than just a text editor

Capte is the subtitling software that does more than you imagine. Export your subtitle file to SRT or VTT. Ideal for adding to your content on social networks (youtube, linkedin, facebook).
Export your video with English subtitles (for example) integrated in optimal quality. Gain visibility with content that is more readable and accessible to all.

Multilingual AI
Frequent updates
Evolving vocabulary
Availability 24/7