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How voice recognition works

See in writing what you say out loud

Our speech recognition software uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze digital signals and transform them into words and sentences that the computer can understand. This is done by comparing recorded words with a database of pre-recorded words and using natural language processing techniques to understand the meaning of what is being said. In other words, speech recognition is a technology that allows computers to understand what we say by transforming our voice into words and sentences that the computer can understand.

Sophisticated algorithms
Word database
Natural language processing
Transforming voice into words
Reliability of voice recognition on Capte

Accurately generate high-quality subtitles

Speech recognition has greatly
improvemed in recent years and is a reliable technology.

Studies have shown that voice recognition can
be as accurate as manual transcription, with
accuracy rate of up to 95% under certain conditions

Easily re-read the final result
and correct proper names, etc.
or sentences pronounced
too fast.

Quality subtitles
Easily rereading the result
Reliable technology
95% accuracy
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Voice recognition

The future of voice recognition

The future

One of the most promising future developments in speech recognition is the use of deep learning, a machine learning technique that allows a computer program to learn autonomously from raw data. This technique will enable the development of more sophisticated speech recognition models that can process a wider range of languages and dialects, as well as better understand the nuances of speech.

The importance of context

Another emerging trend in speech recognition is the use of context analysis-based speech recognition, where speech recognition software can understand the context of the sentence and the user's intentions using additional data such as the location, time and history of past interactions.
This could enable virtual assistants to better understand complex user requests and provide more accurate and helpful responses.

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Speed vs. quality

Quick, quality transcriptions

In just a few minutes your text is analyzed by our voice recognition. Then, you can instantly switch to the text editor to edit and personalize as quickly as possible.

fast transcription
Simple editor