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Why you need to start TikTok

The 6 main reasons


Capture attention

It takes a few seconds to be able to capture attention and for that nothing is better than short content on TikTok



TikTok videos are optimized for mobile devices. Your audience is more likely to watch a short video on their phone during their leisure time.


Increased engagement

Short format videos encourage more interactions such as sharing, comments and likes. They stimulate engagement and promote interaction.


Rapid production

Produce more content, experiment with different ideas, and respond quickly to trends and comments.


Easy sharing

Short videos spread easily across platforms. They are often watched in full, which improves conversion and engagement rates.



A video on TikTok can be republished on one or different platforms: YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Facebook, etc. Reach different segments of your audience where they spend the most time online.

What do the creators say?

Many people use Capte to create shorts. What do they think?

“I used Capte for the first time yesterday to post a video on my social media. I found this tool super easy to use. Plus there are lots of ways to personalize the subtitles, I was able to use the colors and font of my visual identity, for me it’s the best of the best!”

Margaux Jeannin

“The simplest tool. I tried many other services, and it was Capte that appealed to me most. Simple, fast and really accessible”

Antoine Taillefer

“Capte is really intuitive and easy to use. There is always a human ready on the other end of their customer service. I highly recommend Capte!”


“I use Capte to subtitle my videos for my sports nutrition brand, Mulebar. It’s super intuitive, fast and the text/image synchronization is amazing.”

Grégoire Dandres

"Thank you for offering this valuable help for subtitling our videos. I find your site great and so easy to use. There are enough options to get a nice result: choice of calligraphy, colors background, etc. Congratulations again!”


“Beyond the service they offer (which is very good that said), the customer service is very responsive, attentive and professional. I recommend to anyone who is wondering whether or not to use Capte's services."


“Discovered by chance, and after one month of testing, I am won over.
Everything is done online, you download your video, and then you let the software work.
Then you have the hand to correct voice recognition errors which for a clear sound file are few in number.
You can also edit the video to tweak as needed.
I was able to contact customer service which is responsive and dynamic, and has always been able to provide the necessary solutions.
You have gained a won over user!”

Gregory Braeme

“The Capte software is by far the best I have seen in terms of conference subtitling.”

Bernard Belz

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But what is TikTok?

Convert short moments into powerful means of communication.

What is “TikTok”?

TikTok is a platform for sharing short videos, usually a minute or less. These videos are optimized for mobile viewing and are often used to share entertaining, educational, or promotional content.

Why is TikTok popular?

TikTok is popular because the content is suitable for rapid consumption on mobile devices. They can also be shared easily and can be created quickly compared to longer video formats.

How can TikTok help my marketing strategy?

TikTok videos can drive engagement with your brand, reach new audiences, and increase visibility for your content. By creating short-form videos on TikTok, you can effectively share brand messages, respond quickly to trends, and encourage engagement with your content.

What are the key elements of a successful “TikTok”?

To create a successful TikTok video, it is essential that it is concise, captivating and relevant to your audience. Don't forget to include a clear call to action to encourage users to interact with your brand. Also make sure to take care of the visual and sound quality of your video, taking into account optimization for mobile devices.