Style changes life

Choose the size, color and font for subtitles that stand out without being distracting. Position them perfectly for an uncompromised viewing experience. With Capte, create subtitles that enrich, not clutter. Experience the difference!

A unique style

Have the right style.

You will be able to add your own style to all your content with the Brand Kit and the choice of colors
‍Each content becomes unique
and recognizable among the others.

Brand Kit
Choice of colors
An editor with multiple possibilities

Your best ally

The text editor is your best ally.

 for all your needs.
You will have the perfect results, specialized for each social network.

Good practices
A theme that suits you

To each his own style

Style your subtitles and save your themes.
Choose the color, the thickness of the outline, the font, formatting, and shadows. Let your creativity speak.

Drop shadow