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6 reasons why shorts are an essential part of a content strategy


Draw attention

With attention spans constantly shrinking online, short-form videos are a great way to grab users' attention.



“Shorts” are optimized for mobile devices. Your audience is more likely to watch a short video on their phone during their free time.


Increased engagement

Short videos encourage more interactions, shares, comments, and likes. They increase engagement and boost you in the algorithms.


Rapid production

Create more content, test different ideas, and respond quickly to trends and feedback.


Easy sharing

Short videos are easily shared on social networks. Their reach and visibility are increasing. They are often watched in full, which improves conversion and engagement rates.



“Shorts” can be republished or on different platforms: YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok, etc. Reach different segments of your audience where they spend the most time online.

The process

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What do the creators say?

Many people use Capte to create shorts. What do they think?

But what are shorts?

Transforming fleeting moments into powerful communication tools

What are "shorts"?

A “short” is a short video, usually a minute or less, that is shared on social media platforms. These videos are optimized for mobile viewing and are often used to share entertaining, educational, or promotional content.

Why are "shorts" popular?

“Shorts” are popular because they are suitable for rapid content consumption on mobile devices. They are also easily shareable and can be created quickly compared to longer video formats.

How can shorts help my marketing strategy?

Shorts can increase engagement with your brand, reach new audiences, and increase visibility of your content. By creating short-form videos, you can share effective brand messages, respond quickly to trends, and encourage engagement with your content.

What are the key elements of a successful “short”?

A successful “short” should be concise, captivating and relevant to your audience. It's also important to include a clear call to action to encourage users to interact with your brand. In addition, visual and sound quality, as well as optimization for mobile devices, must be taken into account.