Add clips

From your original video, add as many clips as you want, for social networks

Text editing
Stylize clips
Selecting the best moments

Extracts are ready instantly

With options to make them unique

Create again and again
Adding graphic elements
Considerable time savings
Safezones to place text correctly
More content

Do more, effortlessly

How does it work?

Capte allows you to transcribe videos in a few seconds using artificial intelligence.
Once in the text editor, it is very easy to create clips in seconds for all social networks.

capte - comment ça marche ?

Why make video excerpts?

More content = more visibility. It's as simple as that.
And all from a single pillar of content. The main content of your creation.
Never forget that with a single piece of content it is possible to generate dozens of extracts very easily and to multiply the chances of being more visible!

capte - les avantages de la transcription

The accuracy of the transcription

Speech recognition uses machine learning algorithms to identify spoken words and convert them into text. Speech recognition software can be trained to recognize specific accents and languages, improving transcription accuracy. However, the accuracy of speech recognition may vary depending on the quality of the audio recording, the speech rate, and the clarity of the pronunciation. After automatic transcription, subtitles can be edited and corrected manually to ensure accuracy and readability.

capte - reconnaissance vocale et transcription

The importance of subtitles

Good content is content that has subtitles.
A video with subtitles gets 12% more views on networks.
That's good, with Capte, your content is automatically subtitled and therefore your extracts too.
Take the time to place them well and add style before publishing.

capte - les sous-titres avec du style
Nos clients
capte - Welcome To The Jungle utilise Capte pour ses sous-titres
The power of translation

Boost your videos

Why stop at the original language of your video?
Dozens of languages are available.
It's instant and reliable. Only a bonus.

Multilingual AI
Frequent update
Evolving vocabulary
24/7 availability

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